Clapton's music & Eric's story

A musical flight trough the life of Eric Clapton


Claptonite is one of the best Eric Clapton tribute bands you can find today!

Experience the musical story through Slowhand's eventful life.


A life full of love and suffering is composed in a fantastic way, and leaves no one untouched...

Eric Clapton can translate all this in a sublime way in his music.

That's why Claptonite prefers the approach of feeling rather than being a perfect copy...


Be enchanted by songs like Tears in heaven, Wonderfull tonight, White room, Cocaine, Layla, I shot the sheriff, Lay down Sally and many more.

"I am, and always will be, a blues guitarist..."
Eric Clapton

Claptonite, the band:

Wesley Meynendonckx, Lead vocals & guitar

Lea Van Den Broeck, Backing vocals

Veronique Laeveren, Backing vocals

Steven Mintjens, Piano & Hammond

Marc Stoffelen, Bassguitar

Sam Versmissen, Drums

claptonite video.png

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New songs!

Yes, we listen to our audience...

Some people gave us some very nice songs to add in our playlist.

So we added 'After Midnight' and 'Slow down Linda'. 

Guess what? We do like them a lot!